A day trip to Eskisehir


by Sabuhi Osmanov

Apart from enjoying the campus life at Bilkent and living in Ankara, it is a must to start traveling around Turkey during your student life here. Mostly populated with students and young people, Eskisehir is one of most beautiful destinations to visit in Turkey thanks to its natural beauty and diverse cuisine. You may click here to have more idea about the uniqueness of the city.

Eskisehir is located around 235 km from Ankara, which allows you to reach by car or by bus in less than 3 hours, however purchasing online tickets and taking the high-speed train which arrives at the downtown in 1.5 hours maximum is the best option time-wise, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends.

It would be a good idea to take the earliest train possible in the morning to Eskisehir and latest train possible back to Ankara. Upon arrival, it is suggested to walk for a few minutes to Aden Simit or Esİnci Börek (both located in front of EsPark Shopping Mall) for an amazing and cheap breakfast. Then it is recommended to follow the tramway lines to Odunpazarı station, and to take dolmuş no. 17 from there to Sazova Park, where you can spend time in the so-called Disneyland and visit the Sazova Aquiarium, as well as observe some scientific experiments at Bilim Deney Merkezi. After coming back to Odunpazarı in the afternoon, it is suggested to have traditional çibörek for lunch at Kırım Tatar Kültür Çibörek Evi, and then start going through places such as Balmumu Museum, Contemporary Glass Art Museum, and many other museums. Afterwards, it is better to pass through Aladdin Park located in front of Odunpazarı, walk besides the tramway lines and see the city municipality, and then continue to Adalar located near the Porsuk River. It is possible to take a boat tour, and then have dinner at Travelers’ Cafe, with the option to have nargile in one of the cafes, or just sit by the river on the grass area. After enjoying the active city life, it is almost a must to take either dolmuş no. 1 or a taxi or to walk from Aladdin Park in order to check out the view of Eskisehir from above and have tea or Turkish coffee at Şelale Park. Before taking the train back to Ankara, you may want to go to Barlar sokağı or sit in Varuna Gezgin cafe, being one of unique cafes in Eskisehir.

There are actually a lot more to do in Eskisehir, and one never gets bored of visiting this beautiful and unique place of Turkey.