BIH TALK: How To Change Your Destiny

-by Minahil Hussain Malik

On March 8th, in a warm lit seminar room, Ziyad Hasanen gave a motivational speech based on the book “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. The speech was well organized, starting with the main argument of how one can, by developing his/her ideas, change their destiny. Ziyad futher explained how setting goals in life is an essential step towards altering your destiny. If you prioritize your ambitions and become sure of which aims you want to pursue in life, there is a smaller chance of being led astray. As a result of this act of ‘sorting’ out your ideas, one can be more successful in achieving his/her goals.


Ziyad Hasanen



Our speaker with his exuberant manner was extremely convincing in the propositions he made. He connected the speech and himself to the audience by taking it to a personal level, and giving examples from his own life.


Before signing off I would like to add a little bit regarding Ziyad’s book choice. The book is quite inspiring and encourages its readers to broaden the way that they think. The writer advises us to be clear in our decisions and not to be scared of taking bold steps. According to him, making decisions is something that should be enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone feeling discouraged during the semester, or feeling like their decision-making ability is a mess. Hope you guys check this out!