Questions about BIH

  1. When was BIH founded?
    It was founded in May 2014.
  2. Is it only for international students?
    No, the club is open to all nationalities!
  3. What language are the events in?
    The events are always only in English.
  4. Can I bring my friend from outside Bilkent to an event?
    Generally, yes! If it is an on-campus event, such as a seminar, we compile lists for the security, so you will simply need to provide your friend’s name and university to us.
  5. How can I become a member of BIH?
    We accept new members at the beginning of every semester. The process usually includes an online form and a possible interview. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know when we are accepting and how to join!
  6. Can I propose an event idea? How?
    You can contact us with your proposal and the secretary, Nilufer Firik, will get in touch with you.