Questions about Bilkent

  1. How can I reach campus from the airport?
    You can find a detailed post here.
  2. Does Bilkent provide airport transportation?
    Not directly, but you may use the airport transfer that Star Tours provides.
  3. How far away is the campus from the city center?
    It is an approximate 25-30 minute drive without traffic.
  4. Is there any shuttle service to the city? Is it free?
    Yes, the shuttle services are free. You can find more information here.
  5. Are there taxis on campus?
    Yes, they are available 24/7.
  6. Are there any banks or ATMs near or on campus?
    Yes, most of the ATMs are located in “A” building. There is a Yapikredi bank office in the Rector’s building. Other than that there are

    1. Yapikredi ATM next to the Dorm78
    2. Yapikredi ATM at the car parking in East Campus
    3. Ziraat Bank ATM next to the cafe “Marmara” 
    4. Garanti Bank ATM nearby Cyberpark
  7. Is there a health center? Do the doctors speak English?
    Yes, there is, and most of the medical procedures are free. However, the doctors speak very little English. You can find more information here.
  8. Where can I print/fax/scan?
    You may print for free with your printing quota from the computer labs in ”G” building, ”B” building and Dorms 77 or 78. You may also use the printing office in Meteksan Bookstore, in ”A” building, and in the library.
  9. Are all classes taught in English?
    Generally, yes. However, foreign language courses and most law courses are usually in Turkish.
  10. What cafes are there on campus?
    There are many, such as Starbucks, Coffee Break, and Bilka. For the full list, check here.
  11. How much money should I expect to spend on textbooks?
    Literature books cost approximately 30-60 TL each, while textbooks cost anywhere between 90 TL and 250 TL. On average, you may expect to spend at least 200 TL every semester. You may buy second-hand from Bilkent students through Biltrader.
  12. How much money should I expect to spend on food?
    This depends on where you eat. However, if you use the meal plan, then you may expect to spend at least 100-150 TL every month. If you eat in cafes and off-campus, then this estimation will extend significantly.
  13. What is the meal plan?
    It is a discounted meal plan which you may use in Marmara Cafeteria. For more information, check here.
  14. How safe is the campus?
    Only students and staff are permitted access into the campus. The campus is located away from more problematic neighborhoods, such as Kizilay and Ulus.
  15. May my family/friends stay on campus when they visit?
    Depending on the availability, they may stay in guest rooms. For more information, check here.
  16. What is course pre-registration?
    This is early registration where you select the electives and courses you intend on taking in the upcoming semester, so as to ‘reserve’ yourself a spot.
  17. What clubs are there for international students besides BIH?
    There are many clubs in Bilkent, but majority function solely in Turkish. Some clubs which organize events in English include Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Bilkent, South Asian Cultural Club (SACC), Photography Club, Cinema Society and the English Literature Club. 
  18. What extracurricular activities are there for international students who don’t speak Turkish?
    You may participate in sports activities, join the sports teams, and attend movie nights. Otherwise, every day you will receive BAIS emails about upcoming events organized by various clubs.
  19. Are there any campus job opportunities for international students at Bilkent?
    Generally, no.
  20. What are the internship opportunities for international students at Bilkent?
    Most internship opportunities in Bilkent are for Turkish students. However, although University does not arrange internships, all Bilkent students receive emails with internship offerings or check updates about opportunities on the career portal.