Basic Turkish


Below you will find some specific words/phrases that are very useful in the Turkish language. Although Bilkent University is an English medium university, knowing at least basic (survival) Turkish will actually help, especially if you are going to be out of campus very often.

Since all the international students are required to take Turkish classes for 2 semesters, there will be a possibility to learn Turkish with an instructor, but it is helpful to already know some of the words/phrases before the classes start.

It would be a very good start to learn and remember these ones:

(P.S. ş is sh, ç is ch, ı is closer to i, ü is closer to u, ö is closer to o, ğ is closer to g)

Merhaba – Hello
Hoşgeldin – Welcome (informal)
Hoşgeldiniz – Welcome (formal)
Nasılsın? – How are you? (informal)
Nasılsınız? – How are you (formal)
İyiyim – I am well
Sen nasılsın? – How are YOU? (informal)
Siz nasılsınız? – How are YOU? (formal)
Teşekkür ederim – Thank you (formal)
Teşekkürler – Thank you (informal)
Sağol – Thanks (informal)
Sağolun – Thank you (formal)
Memnun oldum – Nice to meet you
Görüşürüz – See you

Benim adım “A” – My name is “A”
Yabancı öğrenciyim – I am foreign student
Türkçe az biliyorum – I speak Turkish a bit
Bilkent öğrencisiyim – I am Bilkent student
Bölümüm “A” – My department is “A”

“A” nerede? – Where is “A”?
Bilkent’e nasıl giderim? – How to go to Bilkent?
Hangi (yurt)? – Which (dormitory)?
Kaç tane? – How many?
Ne kadar? – How much?
Evet – Yes
Hayır/Yok – No
Başarılar – Good luck

For the first few days you might come across these words/phrases very often, so it is good to know them. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Hope you will find it easy to learn Turkish!