Questions about Ankara

  1. Where can I obtain a health insurance from? How much does it cost?
    You can buy one from BilSigorta, which is located in Cyberpark. This is a short walking distance from the dormitories. The cost will depend on your age, but is on average approximately 500 TL. For their address and contact information, check here.
  2. Do Turkish people speak English in the city?
    On average, majority speak little to no English. However, you are more likely to encounter English-speaking people in cafes and hotels.
  3. What are recommended private hospitals?
    Liv Hospital, Bayindir Hospital, and Medicana International Ankara Hospital.
  4. What malls are there and how can I reach them?
    You can find a detailed post here.
  5. Where can I register my phone?/How many phones can I register under my name?
    You can register your phone in banks, but only 1 phone under your name.
  6. Where is the train station and how can I reach it?
    The train station is located in Ulus. You can use the Bilkent bus that goes to Sihhiye or use a taxi.
  7. Where is the bus terminal and how can I reach it?
    The bus terminal, ASTI, can be reached with a Bilkent bus.