Off-Campus Food Options


Nausherwan Aziz

After arriving on campus and enjoying the awesome food options available within Bilkent, you probably would want to try something different or might just simply be confused by the plethora of options available on Yemeksepeti, Turkey’s biggest food delivery service. Hence to help solve this problem, we thought it would be a good idea to give freshmen a comprehensive list of the best food options available off-campus, to make sure you can easily discover the best that Ankara has to offer.

Desert and Ice Cream:

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Elizinn is one of those cafés that instantly resonate with every foodie; they offer a vast array of delectable cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits and Turkish deserts with a lot of savoury food options as well. It is definitely one of the best and most popular places to have some desert while enjoying the hustle and bustle of Tunali Street. A cup of coffee and a slice of their best selling puff pastry cake with strawberries (çilekli milföy pasta) will cost around 20 TL.


Tint is a restaurant serving a wide array of tantalising dishes and cuisines but we highly recommend their waffles and their fries. The waffles will cost you around 20 TL and the fries are a large bucket with an assortment of sauces for around 15 TL. For waffle enthusiasts, this is one of your best options in the city.

Kahve Dunyasi (branches all over Ankara)

Kahve Dunyasi is a chain of coffee shops all over Turkey, they have a great selection of ice cream (costs around 4 TL per scoop) and coffee along with a wide array of chocolate, cakes and pastries.

Mado (branches all over Ankara)

Mado is a similar chain to Kahve Dunyasi but is arguably more reknown for its ice cream than Kahve Dunyasi (the former has a stronger reputation for coffee and chocolate). Mado also has a stellar selection for coffee, desert and ice cream (their baklava is a must have as well).


Bonapple is a cozy patisserie which offers a delicious array of deserts such as cinnamon cookies, cheesecakes, apple strudel, Boston cream pie, etc. The apple strudel is one of the highly recommended deserts to try at Bonapple. A slice of the apple strudel with tea would cost around 20 TL.

Savoury Options:

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The Bigos (multiple branches in Ankara)

The Bigos is one of those few places that not only offer a great selection of food but also have a stellar ambiance to go with it, and for this reason is usually close to being full. Offering a wide array of options including burgers, fajitas, fried chicken and much more, the Bigos is also not very expensive (15-20 TL per person). Hence it offers great value for money and is undoubtedly one of those places that you will tend to visit frequently during your time in Ankara.

Misir (multiple branches in Ankara)

Misir, while being similar to Bigos in terms of it being a crowd favourite, has a couple of notable differences, it has nargile (sheesha or water pipe) and a facility for screening of football matches. Misir offers an appetising selection of main courses (the five cheese ravioli is a must have) and desserts as well (do try the fried ice cream).

Oncu and Antakya durum

Oncu and Antakya durum (a dürüm is a wrap that is usually filled with typical döner kebab ingredients) remain two of the most favourite durum choices of students at Bilkent, Oncu is 6 TL for Tavuk (Chicken) Durum and Antakya would set you back around 9 TL. Antakya is on Esat Caddesi (close to the Tunus bus stop by walk) and Oncu has multiple branches in the city including one in Kizilay.


Hosta is a fast food chain of freshly made Turkish food with doner being their speciality, any of the doner options are bound to be of a very good standard and the prices vary between 10-20 TL for a meal usually including fries and a drink as well. Their iskender kebab is also a very enjoyable and fulfilling meal.


Frites is an amazing place for anyone and everyone who loves french fries, since they serve an amazing quality of fries with an amazing selection of sauces that are bound to tantalise your taste buds! Definitely a must try option especially for those who like fries.


Otantik is a chain of kumpir (a dish similar to a baked potato but you get to choose your fillings, is a very popular and tasty Turkish dish) outlets spread throughout Ankara. The mexican kumpir comes highly recommended and the price for a kumpir varies between 15-20 TL depending upon the amount of fillings you add.

Big Bang Burger

Big Bang Burger is a favourite of the student and burger loving community of Ankara, they have a great choice in burgers (price ranges between 13-20 TL) and also serve amazing side orders such as Mozzarella sticks and their loaded Gringo fries. As a bonus if you choose to eat at the outlet you also get bottomless soft drink refills as well.

Simit Sarayi

Simit Sarayi is a chain of places that serve simit (bread) and has a great selection of sandwiches, toasts, wraps and is a very popular choice for students especially for breakfast. The prices are between 10-20 TL depending on what you order.

HD Iskender

HD Iskender just as the name suggests is a chain of restaurants serving Iskender kebab, you’ll find HD Iskender in many places and almost every food court of any major mall in Ankara (or Turkey for that matter), the Iskender kebab is delicious and served in a signature style that’s unique to the franchise, hence it’s a must have and usually becomes a frequent destination for students in the mood for Iskender kebab.

Nusr-et Steakhouse

Nusr-et is not only home to the iconic Salt Bae Nusret himself but it also offers steaks and other meat dishes that taste as good as they look! Make no mistake, this is an expensive and luxurious option (around 150 TL per person), but is also something that a student should try at least once during the stay in Ankara, since it is basically nirvana on a plate for meat eaters (their baklava with vanilla ice cream is also absolutely outstanding).

Pizza and other delivery options



There are multiple pizza options to get delivered to the comfort of your home, and a lot of these have amazing deals as well:
-Papa John’s has an amazing deal for a large pepperoni pizza for around 28 TL which is a very popular option availed by students especially for large gatherings, their cheese pizza is also to be recommended.
-Pizza Hut and Domino’s both keep changing their deals on offer but usually have special promotions for campus so keep an eye for both the options to be able to get a good deal from time to time.
-Sun Brothers is another option for pizza fanatics which is very popular on campus, and like other pizza places we would recommend keeping a look out for promotions which will help to make sure that the pizza tastes just a little bit better.
-Zadegan is another great option for ordering food on campus, it costs around 20 TL but the food is very good and is one of the best options for ordering Turkish food on campus.
-There are multiple other options which you can browse through using the Yemeksepeti app (click here for IOS and here for Android) which is Turkey’s only major home delivery service with a wide variety of restaurants available to choose from.