International Festival 2017


Nausherwan Aziz

On Sunday, 23rd April 2017, Bilkent International House (BIH) and South Asian Cultural Club(SACC) co-hosted this year’s International festival. The festival was a vibrant event, with an amazing display of cultures by 22 nations from the Bilkent student community. The international festival has grown into one of the most anticipated events on campus and this year’s edition served up a mesmerizing array of performances by extremely talented members of our multi-cultural student community.

The cultural melange featured extravagantly decorated stalls made by students which were showcasing their respective country’s culture while some of the stalls also featured delicious food which added an extra bit of oomph to the already brilliant set-up by the countries. It was also heartening for the Host clubs and participants alike to see so many members of Ankara’s diplomatic community (including members from Embassy of Ghana, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan
And Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission) in attendance to support their students and enjoy the festival as well. There were some extremely lively and mesmerizing performances by the participating countries, which were primarily a mixture of cultural songs and dance performances.

Each performance had its own unique style but all of them captivated the audience with equal style and vigour. The performances included soul stirring singing performances from representatives of Azerbaijan, Turkey, South Korea, Kyrgyz Republic and Pakistan. These were mixed and matched with dance performances that were not only brilliantly choreographed but also carried with them an infectious energy that created an electric atmosphere. Albania, Azerbaijan and Pakistan worked extremely hard to perform multiple great dance performances and kept the crowd thoroughly entertained as a result of their efforts. Overall this was a highly enjoyable event for everyone in attendance and was a stellar representation of the ever-growing multicultural student community at Bilkent.
Some glimpses of the International festival can be seen on our facebook page here