BIH FIFA17 Tournament


-By Nausherwan Aziz

Bilkent International House held its historic first ever Fifa tournament on Saturday 25th February at Playstation Game House on Bestekar street. The tournament had 44 participants from all around the Bilkent community and the players had selected teams from across the top European leagues in their quest for glory.


The tournament started off with 3 knockout rounds, each more intense than the last, and quickly managed to create a riveting atmosphere resembling the intensity of a real life football tournament. Elation, despair, shock, and awe had all gripped the venue as matches varied from 7-1 drubbings to closely fought matches decided via the ever cruel penalty shoot-out.


Some of the early favourites lost within these knockout rounds, hence the playing field was very much open going into the group stage. It was in the group stages that 6 of the best remaining players played valiantly in an effort to make it to the semi-finals. Ultimately, after the two nail biting semi-finals, it came down to Shahan Khan’s FC Barcelona vs Sarp Köksal’s Real Madrid in a fitting El-Classico rivalry to conclude the tournament.


The final had an intense aura surrounding it, not only due to the pressure of the final itself, but also due to the vocal support of those cheering on both Sarp and Shahan. Ultimately, Shahan Khan emerged victorious with a 1-0 score line to be crowned the inaugural champion of the BIH Fifa tournament.


Sarp Köksal – Runner Up


Having seen the quality of the players and the skills showcased throughout the tournament, the level of competition will only be strengthened in future installments of this tournament. Many members of Bilkent’s avid Fifa community will be lying in wait for the second edition of the tournament to be able to claim the title of Bilkent’s best Fifa player for themselves.


Shahan Khan – Winner


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