Think Pink Campaign

Think Pink Campaign.PIC..jpg

Bilkent International House conducted its 2nd ever Think Pink Campaign, geared towards spreading awareness regarding Breast Cancer. The campaign took place on the 20th and 21st of October and included several Turkish and international students.

The campaign is the first ever Breast Cancer Awareness project at Bilkent University and was an initiative of Bilkent International House’s Forum members last year. This year the campaign spanned over 2 days and on the first day of the event a BIH stall was set up in front of A building. BIH members at the stall organized and conducted a quiz game to create awareness regarding the disease in an interesting and informative manner.

The quiz game allowed participants to answer questions regarding Breast Cancer and, in the case of successful answers, win a mini cupcake. Additionally, a social media activity required students to post pictures of themselves with the Breast Cancer Awareness photo frame on Instagram with the #ThinkPinkBilkent hashtag and win a candy floss as the prize. All interested students visiting the stall were handed informative flyers to help further raise awareness. The events were organized such that they created direct awareness through sharing of information as well as on a larger platform as Bilkent students learnt about the on-campus campaign through various social media outlets.

The second day comprised of a flash mob as students clad mainly in pink gathered outside the FF Building to form a pink human ribbon, so as to symbolize solidarity with Breast Cancer.  A video was filmed on day two, that captured the efforts behind this idea as well as its completion. Participating students were also eligible to receive GE 250/251 points for the second event.

For further information and details, please view Bilkent International House’s official Facebook and Instagram pages, so as to be better acquainted with the visuals of the campaign. Bilkent International House aims to continue with raising awareness in its community through such socially responsible projects. Students with relevant ideas are welcomed to contact the club to put their plans into action.

BIH Movie Night


On Thursday, October 13th Bilkent International House hosted its first movie night of the semester, dedicated to the famous American actor and filmmaker, Tom Hanks. The two movies scheduled for the event were Forrest Gump and Cast Away, which were screened in this order respectively. The movie night commenced at 18:00 sharp and comprised of both Turkish and international students, with no empty seats left in the auditorium. Free drinks and popcorn were served, with Red Bull being the highlight for all those who attended and twenty points were offered for GE 250/251.